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Integroty Appointees

'Fearlessly Forward' Any individual with a good moral and mental development is an unstoppable force. Our house is a bunch of such unstoppable brave-hearts, who march forward fearlessly justifying our motto with our action.

Our Motto, 'Fearlessly Forward', says it all in a nutshell. We strive to inculcate physical, mental and moral values in us, so as to help others to follow us in the same discipline.

The color of our flag, yellow, stands for the grit and courage we display in tough phases of life. The logo of our house, the three runners, shows our determination to continue to run forward towards our goal of success in a purposeful life.

We train ourselves not to let ourselves be pushed down by the failures or challenges that cross our path. We train ourselves to overcome every obstacle fearlessly through our disciplined lifestyle and set an example to be followed by others.

CAPTAIN :- Tanvi Jambhale
VICE CAPTAIN :- Pranav Nair
SPORTS :- Shreehari Kharage
PREFECT :- Shivam Suravase
House Mistress Mrs Sakina Ahmed (HM) Mrs Princy Thomas (HM) Ms Anamika Kundu (HM) Mrs Anukta Dey (HM)
AHM Mrs Suzuki Bhandari Mrs Shivani Ruperia Mrs KushbooPunima Mrs Arti Seth
House Teachers Mrs Ishrat Qureshi Mrs Sangeeta Anasane Mrs DhanashrI Lokhande Ms Xavana Fernandes
Mr Wilson John Mrs Reshma Kamthe Mrs Rakhi Pillai Mrs Komal Lole
Mr Yogesh Khude Mrs Swati Shrivastav Mrs Asmita Didholkar Mrs AnujaSirdeshmukh
Mrs Anshika Punjabi Mrs Shipra Singh Mrs Amee Trivedi Mrs Komal Alvekar
Mrs Anuradha Karat Mrs SoniyaAmbade Mrs Sharmila Shah Mrs Apurva Pandav
Mrs Shivangi Saxena Mrs Roshani Bhosale Mrs Renuka Mohinani Mrs Ruchika Singal
Mr Vaibhav Joshi Mrs Jyoti Poduval Mrs Anju Sharma Mrs Sindhu Biju
  Mrs Bhakti Musale Mrs Vathsala Bhaktha Mrs Tejashree More